SITES-certified projects define sustainability and resilience beyond the building. SITES can be applied to just about any project, anywhere in the world, on sites with or without buildings—from corporate campuses to streetscapes to homes and more. As of March 2022, over 250 projects are participating in the SITES program, covering more than 1.2 billion gross square feet of outdoor space. This includes 100 certified and precertified projects and covers 40 U.S. states and Washington, DC, and 17 countries (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Spain and Saudi Arabia). Find out if your project is eligible, or get started with SITES certification.

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Certified SITES projects

Seattle, WA
United States

Chofu, Tokyo

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Precertified SITES projects

  • Silver Bow Creek Conservation Area (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Butte, MT
  • Industrial Project (SITES Precertified Gold, 2022) | Richmond, Virginia 
  • Alphaville Três Praias (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Guarapari, Brazil
  • Porto Belo Golf Resort (SITES Precertified, 2022) | Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • MARAEY (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Maricá, Brazil
  • VIVE PARACAS (SITES Precertified Gold, 2022) | Paracas, Peru
  • Link CentralWalk (SITES Precertified Gold, 2021) | Shenzhen, China
  • Open Space/Park (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Guiyang, China
  • Residential Project (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Nanjing, China 
  • Cainiao Hangzhou Cloud Valley Campus (SITES Precertified Gold, 2022) | Hangzhou, China
  • Open Space/Park (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Kunshan, China
  • The 10th China Flower Expo Park (SITES Precertified Gold, 2019) | Shanghai, China
  • Yangpu Bridge Public Space and Integrated Environment Project (SITES Precertified Gold, 2022) | Shanghai, China
  • Mixed-Use Project (SITES Precertified Gold, 2019) | Tokyo, Japan
  • Mixed-Use Project (SITES Precertified Gold, 2018) | Chuo-ku, Japan
  • Daiwa House Group MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Ctr (SITES Precertified Gold, 2020) | Nara City, Japan

Registered SITES projects

Our project directories only show projects that are not confidential at this time. The directories are not intended to act as a full project database.

United States

  • Durango Campus Retrofit | Phoenix, AZ 
  • Arizona State University, Nelson Fine Arts Center/Music 
  • Cultural Arts Corridor | Fayetteville, AK
  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Campus | Agoura Hills, CA
  • Gilead Park | Foster City, CA
  • Earvin Magic Johnson Park | Los Angeles, CA
  • First and Broadway Civic Center Park | Los Angeles, CA
  • Stoneridge Corporate Plaza Park | Pleasanton, CA
  • Otay Mesa U.S. Land Port of Entry | San Diego, CA
  • Vista Canyon Multi-Modal Station Platform | Santa Clarita, CA
  • Groveland Community Resilience Center (CRC) | Tuolumne, CA
  • Tuolumne Community Resilience Center (CRC) | Tuolumne, CA
  • Whittier Aquatic Center | Whittier, CA
  • Heron Pond/Heller/Carpio-Sanguinette Park - Phase I | Denver, CO
  • University of Connecticut, STEM Research Center - Science 1 | Storrs, CT
  • Newell Entry | Gainesville, FL
  • Northeast Gateway | Gainesville, FL
  • Miami Skate Park | Miami, FL
  • Enota Park (Atlanta BeltLine) | Atlanta, GA
  • Boulevard Crossing Park (Atlanta BeltLine) | Atlanta, GA
  • Westside Trail Extension | Atlanta, GA
  • Westside Park - Phases 1A +1B | Atlanta, GA
  • Beaver Ruin Wetland Park | Duluth, GA
  • Arthington Mall Renovation | Chicago, IL
  • Obama Presidential Center | Chicago, IL
  • Suitland Towne Square | Suitland, MD
  • 10 World Trade | Boston, MA
  • Cambridge Crossing Parks District | Cambridge, MA
  • Bertram Field | Salem, MA
  • Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza | Minneapolis, MN
  • Silver Bow Creek Conservation Area (SITES Precertified Gold) | Butte, MT
  • Beech Bluff County Park | Willow Spring, NC
  • Harrisburg U.S. Federal Courthouse | Harrisburg, PA


  • RI Department of Labor & Training Water Infiltration Project | Cranston, RI
  • Nashville Federal Courthouse | Nashville, TN
  • Anna Hiss Gymnasium Courtyard | Austin, TX
  • Brownie Neighborhood Park | Austin, TX
  • Brush Square Rehabilitation Phase 1 Implementation | Austin, TX
  • Creek Delta at Waterloo Greenway | Austin, TX
  • Pharr Tennis Center | Austin, TX
  • The Campsite at Shield Ranch | Austin, TX
  • Houston Arboretum and Nature Center | Houston, TX
  • Midtown Park | Houston, TX
  • Westbury Community Garden | Houston, TX
  • NASA Flight Dynamics Research Facility | Hampton, VA
  • Feriton Spur Park | Kirkland, WA
  • Expedia Group Seattle Campus | Seattle, WA
  • Innovation Park | Wauwatosa, WI


  • Link CentralWalk (SITES Precertified Platinum) | Shenzhen, China
  • Nina Fossil Garden Revitalization | Hong Kong, HK
  • The Garland’s Heartland Park (SITES Precertified Gold) | Guiyang, China
  • Yangpu Bridge Public Space and Integrated Environment Project | Shanghai, China
  • Cainiao Hangzhou Cloud Valley Campus (SITES Precertified Gold) | Hangzhou, China
  • Mandai Zoo East Arrival Node and Indoor Attractions | Singapore
  • Mandai Zoo West Arrival Node and Bird Paradise | Singapore
  • Mandai Zoo Rainforest Wild | Singapore


  • Civic Park - International Plaza | Thorold, Ontario, Canada


  • Parque Agrourbano de Valdebebas - Felipe VI | Madrid, Spain

South America

  • Alphaville Três Praias (SITES Precertified Certified) | Guarapari, Brazil
  • Maraey (SITES Precertified Gold) | Maricá, Brazil
  • Porto Belo Golf Resort | Porto Belo, Brazil
  • O PARQUE | São Paolo, Brazil
  • VIVE PARACAS | Paracas, Peru


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