Why you should register your SITES project today

Published on
28 Apr 2016
Jamie Statter

As GBCI continues to bring SITES to new markets and potential users around the world, we are overwhelmed by the excitement about the program. All across the country and in far corners of the globe, leaders in sustainability and landscape design are weighing how to include SITES in new and future projects. Already, projects in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong and various other locations have registered for SITES. We know that SITES is poised to have dramatic impacts on our public spaces, campuses, neighborhoods and cities.

In the last few weeks, GBCI has heard a common question, “When should I register my project?” There is a clear answer: It’s always a good time to register a SITES project, but especially now.

Any project that registers between now and May 31 can take advantage of our early adopter discounted pricing. That will save the project $1,500 on paid registration and registration/certification bundle fees. For USGBC and ASLA members, that means that registration will be only $1,000. Take advantage of this offer and register your project today.

Registration will not expire, so if you have a project that you know will be pursuing SITES in the future, it’s to your advantage to register now. Early engagement with the SITES program is crucial to success. Projects that register early on are able to take full advantage of GBCI’s resources, including the full suite of SITES workbooks. Projects will also have access to our team of technical experts and can work with GBCI reviewers to ensure the project is able to meet the prerequisites.

Get started with SITES and register your project