Take your SITES professional credential exam from home

Published on
19 May 2020
Stephen Dworkin
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Individuals who have not been able to schedule their SITES AP exam due to COVID-19 test center closures, now have the option to take a remotely proctored online exam using Prometric’s ProProctor platform. The online exam also provides greater flexibility for candidates who are not able to test during regular 9am-5pm business hours and removes barriers for candidates that do not live in close proximity to a Prometric test center.

Learn more about testing options in the SITES AP Candidate Handbook.

Before deciding if an online exam method would best suit your needs, complete a systems readiness check and review the testing environment requirements in the ProProctor User Guide.

If you have already scheduled your exam at a Prometric test center and wish to change the delivery method to the online exam, you first need to cancel your original appointment by visiting www.prometric.com/gbci and then schedule your online exam.