SWT Design Campus


St Louis, MO
United States

Project Size
0.33 acres
Project type
Site Context
Former Land Use
Terrestrial Biome
Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Project overview

The SWT Design office encapsulates sustainable design practices and showcases the firm's commitment to the environment and the community. A contemporary studio addition was integrated onto the south side of the building in a manner that utilized green building practices and preserved and enhanced the existing Victorian building. An adaptive re-use method of expansion minimized waste and environmental impacts. Native Missouri plants compose the plant palette, over 95 percent of stormwater is managed on-site, and approximately 75 percent of the campus's hardscape surfaces are pervious. The environmental consciousness of the firm was the driving motivation for ensuring that state-of-the-art sustainable design techniques would be utilized throughout the site. The primary goal of the project was to provide a more expansive office and studio space for a growing firm while minimizing environmental impact and showcasing innovative green practices. The campus design provides an opportunity for staff, clients, and community members to take advantage of the site as a living laboratory for stormwater management as well as sustainable landscape and building initiatives. photo by: SWT Design

Project Team
  • SWT Design: Landscape Architect, Designer, Project manager and Construction Coordinator