SITES v2 Gold projects automatically earn LEED v4 points

Published on
06 Jul 2017
Sarah Buente

The LEED v4 and SITES v2 rating systems can easily be used in tandem. Last fall, in an effort to simplify the process for projects interested in benefiting from pursuing both SITES and LEED, we published our SITES and LEED Synergies document, which outlined a list of substitutions between LEED and SITES. 

Now, GBCI has taken this even further. Any LEED v4 project can now automatically earn all of the points in the Sustainable Sites credit category in LEED when they achieve SITES v2 Gold certification or higher. As part of this, projects would not need to separately document their LEED Sustainable SITES credits after achieving SITES certification.* This is designed to recognize the projects that are going above and beyond by attempting both rating systems, and to reward them for their efforts. 

If you are interested in pursuing both SITES and LEED in tandem on a project, contact us to get started. GBCI is currently offering discounts on registrations for projects that choose to pursue both rating systems for a limited amount of time, so take advantage of this promotion.

Even though SITES v2 and LEED v4 were released 18 months apart, many of the concepts, credits and processes between the two rating systems align. A project that achieves both SITES and LEED certification is one that has shown true leadership in sustainability and provides numerous benefits to the people that visit the certified space. Pursuing both rating systems allows projects to ensure that they are performing at the highest levels possible.

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* Please note that this option is only available to LEED v4 projects at this time. LEED 2009 projects can still use the SITES and LEED synergies document to earn credits across both rating systems.