SITES Rating System and Scorecard now available in Spanish and Chinese

Published on
22 May 2017
Sarah Buente

The SITES Rating System and Scorecard are now available in Spanish and Chinese. SITES is a truly global brand, and its practitioners and advocates are growing more and more diverse. These translated resources allow us to continue to grow the market for SITES and helps sustainable landscape design and development resonate on a global stage. 

The SITES v2 rating system is a 200-point system that includes 18 prerequisites and 48 credits for measuring site sustainability. SITES certification is based on a point system: the number of points that a project earns determines the certification level it receives (Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum). The 18 prerequisites within the rating system are required in order to achieve certification, plus the minimum number of credits to achieve the desired certification level.

The SITES v2 Rating System

This document contains the intent and requirements of each prerequisite and credit within the rating system, as well as the associated point levels for each credit and recommended strategies and key definitions.

SITES v2 Scorecard

The tool is a concise summary of a project’s goals, listing all of the prerequisite and credits and their respective points. It helps project teams note their initial goals and their progress in terms of the required perquisites, as well as the credits that project teams intend to pursue, and is submitted during certification review. 

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