New SITES plaque now available

Published on
11 Apr 2023
Sumner Byrne
Group of people sitting in a park

Image credit: © Dale Horchner, Design Workshop.

The Sustainable SITES Initiative is pleased to offer a redesigned plaque for existing and future projects to declare their achievement. This new design was developed based on valuable community feedback. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas about what SITES projects envision for their certified locations.

What’s new about the plaque?

The new plaque is larger and is square to offer more visibility when installed at a project site. Certified projects asked for contextual language about the significance of a SITES certification. To address this, the new plaque features the phrase“sustainable land design and development certification,” along with the project certification level and year achieved. A topographical map design reinforces the connection to land design.

SITES projects come in a variety of shapes, sizes and layouts. Now offered in glass, aluminum and recycled granite, plaques can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be mounted on walls or installed in the ground to account for the diversity of SITES locations and needs. Metal and granite plaques offer heartier options for creative outdoor installations.


Plaques are offered in glass, aluminum and recycled granite.

What about the previous plaque?

The previous SITES plaque will still be visible and purchasable on the Greenplaque website through the end of 2023. Projects registered before March 30 will be able to order the previous SITES plaque through the end of the year.

What if a project already has a SITES plaque, but the team is interested in the new one?

Certified projects from any year are welcome to order the new plaque. This includes projects that ordered a plaque and those who chose not to. The project ID used to order the previous plaque will work for the new plaque. Thank you for your continued support of the Sustainable SITES Initiative and your pursuit of nature-based solutions for a healthier world.

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