Kirke Park


Seattle, WA
United States

Project Size
0.90 acres
Project type
Open space - Park
Site Context
Former Land Use
Terrestrial Biome
Temperate Conifer Forests
Project overview

Located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, the development of Kirke Park transformed a defunct site into a vibrant neighborhood park. The relatively small 100x400 foot site is situated mid-block and is surrounded on three sides by single family residences. Originally home to a fringe church group, the compound sat vacant for years until the acquisition by the Parks Department. The new park was designed to reflect the site's past, as well as the neighborhood's future. A community garden will continue the site's history of producing food while the secret garden is tucked inside the preserved walls of the historic church, providing a quiet, introspective space. A gathering plaza contains some of the park's other relics and is connected to the open lawn, providing structure for community events and informal play. Active recreation is further supported through a variety of playground structures and an "adventure trail" that uses logs and boulders to promote a more natural play environment. photo by: Stuart Isett

Project Team
  • Owner/Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation: Kelly Goold, Project Manager
  • Landscape Architect – SITES Workshop: Mark Brands, Principal; Clayton Beaudoin, Project Manager/Design; Flora Yeh, Design
  • Civil Engineer – WR Consulting: John Rundall
  • Electrical Engineer – AES Inc.: Bud Reichard
  • Structural Engineer – PCS Structural Solutions: Bret Maddox