HP Inc. Corvallis, Oregon Campus


Corvallis, OR
United States

Project Size
179.34 acres
Project type
Site Context
Former Land Use
Terrestrial Biome
Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Project overview

The HP Inc. Corvallis Campus site had a 'traditional' landscape that predominantly featured Kentucky Blue Grass turf. This type of landscapes required an excessive amount of water and maintenance making it HP’s highest water-use campus in the world. Rethinking the way their Corvallis campus uses water on the 179.34-acre campus was necessary to maintain HP’s sustainability standards. The technology campus also looked to reduce costs in the maintenance of such a landscape. The new design introduced a native grass seed mix to replace the Kentucky Blue Grass, removed the existing shrubs with native perennials and restored the sports fields. Landscape architects and SITES consultant, Stack Rock Group, developed an interdisciplinary team of biologists, native seed expert, engineers, representatives from Oregon State University, and HP Inc. stakeholders to inform and guide the design and development process.

Environmental benefits of the sustainable landscape include reduced emissions from site maintenance, increases in the biodiversity on site, potential for an increase in wildlife, and an increase in soil health. The social benefits include an increase in air quality with the reduced emissions and a model of a functional landscape for educating site users on the ways in which native plants can positively change the landscape. The economic benefits include an exponential savings in annual costs to maintain the landscape.

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