First class of SITES APs demonstrates their expertise in sustainable landscape design

Published on
19 Apr 2017
Sarah Buente

In October 2016, we began offering testing for the SITES AP exam, and we are excited to announce that our first cohort of SITES APs have earned their credentials through GBCI. These newly minted landscape professionals have demonstrated their knowledge, expertise and commitment to the profession to earn the SITES AP designation.

The credential establishes a common framework to define the professional of sustainable landscape design and development. SITES APs posses the knowledge and skills to support the SITES certification process, including participating in design and development, encouraging integrated design, managing application and certification and providing advocacy and education for the adoption of SITES.

SITES APs help create landscapes and places that provide keep ecosystems healthy, conserve resources and improve resiliency. Further, SITES projects can mitigate climate change and enhance human well-being, while strengthening the community.

In the broadest sense, SITES APs are also responsible for elevating landscape architecture and educating the public about the critical role that SITES plays in protecting and healing the environment.

These SITES AP credential holders are the first in an elite group of professionals dedicated to elevating the value of landscapes in the built environment:

  • Bryan Astheimer
  • Bridget Ayers Looby
  • Theresa Backhus
  • Tyson Bartlett
  • Steve Benz
  • Boonjong Buranawatanachoke
  • Erica Christenson
  • Lisa Cowan
  • Brian Creamer
  • David Cutter
  • Bryan Denig
  • Lana Denkeler
  • Doug Dietrich
  • Marni Evans
  • Anthony Fettes
  • Kenneth J. Filarski
  • Melanie Glorieux
  • Debra Guenther
  • Lauren Hauck
  • Julie Higgins
  • Amy Hoffman
  • John Hutchens
  • Alison Jumper
  • Andrew Kilinski
  • Jason King
  • Kathleen Kirpatrick
  • Daniel Kovach
  • Claire Latane
  • Theodore Lee
  • Zheng Lu
  • Lauren Mack
  • Elizabeth Mak
  • Anisha Malik
  • Jonathan Matthews
  • Amy McKay
  • Julie Melear
  • Jennifer Montgomery
  • Xiye Mou
  • Brian Nicholson
  • Dave Norden
  • Vaughn Rinner
  • Andrew Rivlin
  • Robbie Roach
  • Keith Rodenhauser
  • Matthew Sickle
  • Micah Silvey
  • Joshua Sloan
  • Nancy Somerville
  • Robert Stasio
  • Frederick Steiner
  • Lisa Storer
  • Linette Straus
  • Theodore Thwing
  • Christopher Tiffany
  • Pieter Van Remoortere
  • Soo Wai-Kin
  • Richard Waite
  • Robyn Vettraino
  • Jana Wehby
  • Debra Wheeler
  • Lauren Wheeler
  • Tao Zhang

Congratulations to our first class of SITES APs.

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