Download our client deck for your next presentation on SITES

Published on
13 Apr 2017
Jamie Statter

Are you working with your clients on sustainability beyond the building? Need a slide presentation on SITES that you can share? Look no further. GBCI is committed to helping landscape professionals bring SITES to their clients and to the market, and we’ve created a powerful presentation on the value of SITES.

If you’re looking to lay out the business case for green infrastructure, sustainability and resiliency on land and to succinctly describe how SITES is the best tool for managing a project that has those goals, you are free to download and use our presentation. Our SITES client deck

  • Features almost 40 beautifully designed slides that present the business case for SITES and SITES certification, and includes detailed speaker notes on each slide to help you build your presentation script. 
  • Introduces SITES and how it builds on LEED to create value beyond the building.
  • Describes the financial, social and environmental benefits of sustainable landscapes and green infrastructure.
  • Makes clear how SITES is the best tool to meet a project’s sustainability and resiliency goals.
  • Provides an overview of the SITES process.

The client deck will help take your sustainability work to the next level. The presentation is available for download as a PowerPoint. If you have any questions on how to use the presentation, please email us.

Download the PowerPoint presentation