Avenue of Stars


Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong SAR China

Project Size
12,000 square feet or 1,115 square meters
Project type
Open space - Park
Site Context
Former Land Use
Previously Developed
Project overview

Reopened in January 2019, the Avenue of Stars (AoS) on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront was redesigned by world-renowned landscape architect James Corner and local designers to fully capture the beauty of Victoria Harbour. Along the waterfront, more than a hundred celebrity handprints and statues take you on a dazzling “journey to the stars.” Now, the SITES Gold certified waterfront -- the first SITES project in Hong Kong and China -- plays host to tens of thousands of visitors each day. During the renovation, the team focused on creating a greenery-filled, sustainable, and energy efficient space for visitors to enjoy. Their design incorporated 700% more shade and 225% more seating than the previous design to keep visitors comfortable, with low-glare pavers made of recycled glass to reduce glare from the nearby harbor on the sidewalk. Multi-functional LED lamp posts and solar panels installed on the roof of each mobile cart reduce the area’s energy costs. To further educate the public on the project’s sustainability, four digital panels will be installed to showcase live data of the Avenue of Stars’ energy efficiency, such as solar energy use and temperature differences under the green trellis which reduces the effects of urban heat island. And due in part to the green trellis, the Avenue now has an 830% increase in vegetation over the previous design. The plants chosen -- all of which are low water consumption to reduce resource use -- were selected by local gardeners to ensure that native plants were the star of the show. The enterprising team behind Avenue of Stars also worked on the SITES Gold certified Salisbury Gardens, a park connected to the Avenue, to make the waterfront a sustainable oasis in Hong Kong. The team also dedicates itself to creating shared value and optimizing corporate value for stakeholders while offering benefits to the community. As they mention on their website, “Avenue of Stars achieves SITES certification to honour our devotion in sustainability and wellness for the enjoyment by public and community. The project is a showcase and pioneer act on sustainable open space and promotion of environmental awareness and social benefit.”